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  • He Kōrero Hoe Waka

    Join New Zealand's waka ama paddlers Kingi Gilbert, Tupuria King, Mitch Znd and Paul Roozendaal as they discuss the upcoming Takapuna Beach Cup.

  • Takapuna Beach Cup 2007

    Action packed racing from the inaugural 2007 edition of the Takapuna Beach Cup in Auckland New Zealand. Catch the racing from the 42km team race and 24km single race.

  • He Hekenga Tūhura | A Voyage of Discovery

    Tribute to master navigator Sir Hector "Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Puhipi" Busby, a Māori navigator and traditional waka builder in New Zealand recognized as a leading figure in the revival of traditional Polynesian navigation and ocean voyaging using wayfinding techniques, and Pius "Mau" Piailug a Mi...

  • Laundry

    When a happily married couple with young kids struggles to find intimacy, orgasmic pleasure is found in the most unlikely of places.

    Director: Becs Arahanga
    Principal Cast: Aidee Walker, Jarod Rawiri
    Premiere Status: Seattle
    Country: New Zealand
    Year: 2017
    Running Time: 1...

  • Ua Mau Ke Ea: Sovereignty Endures (Theatrical Version)

    Prepare yourself for a virtual mind-walk through the historical plateaus of the Hawaiian Islands. Ua Mau Ke Ea takes its audiences on a fascinating journey through the legal history of the Hawaiian Islands as it examines key events which shaped the law and politics of Polynesia’s first recognized...

  • The Tribunal

    Ka Ho‘okolokolonui Kānaka Maoli — Peoples' International Tribunal Hawai‘i, 1993

    In August 1993, Nā Maka o ka ‘Āina spent twelve days capturing on video the proceedings Ka Ho‘okolokolonui Kānaka Maoli — Peoples' International Tribunal Hawai‘i, 1993, in which the United States and the state of Haw...

  • Mauna Kea - Temple Under Siege

    Although the mountain volcano Mauna Kea last erupted around 4000 years ago, it is still hot today, the center of a burning controversy over whether its summit should be used for astronomical observatories or preserved as a cultural landscape sacred to the Hawaiian people.

    For five years Nā Maka...

  • Mālama Hāloa – Protecting the Taro

    Taro grower and Native Hawaiian practitioner Jerry Konanui works to propagate and save from extinction the numerous varieties of kalo (taro), a staple of the Hawaiian diet. Jerry’s mission is also to protect kalo, revered as the elder sibling (Hāloa) of the Hawaiian people, from the risks of gene...